Since incorporated in February 2019, HHC Industries Sdn. Bhd. prides ourselves on offering a truly grease removal and waste management services provider that leads the way. We have provided cost-saving solutions of high standard grease trap products, reliable and quality preventive maintenance to help control the environmental pollution.

We are constantly upgrading and maintaining our fleets of vehicles and investing in new equipment in order to provide the best customer value with the safest, most reliable services for working on site.

Our services are endorsed and certified by Kuala Lumpur City Council and Department of Environment (DOE) in areas of specialisation on cleaning and removal of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) in Interceptors, Blockage Pipes, Septic Tanks, Sewer Drainage Pipes, supply and installation of Grease Trap and Biological Enzyme Treatment.

Our team of professional trained personnel are fully committed and devoted to our clients 24/7. Our response time is most prompt and proven in this industry.

We’ve built excellent long-term relationships with prestigious organisations, commercial /industrials buildings, F&B establishments, healthcare sectors and hundreds more.


HHC INDUSTRIES’s Vison is to be a Company that continuously INSPIRES, INNOVATES AND EXCELS at everything it does.


The Company is committed to developing and fostering an enthusiastic and motivated workforce with staff who can inspire each other as well as the customer through their energy, expertise and excellence. Rather than merely selling the features and benefits of HHC’s range of products and services it will also be our objective to inspire in customers the desire to work only with HHC. This will come from developing close relationships with customers through slick service, value-orientated products and services and customer-driven staff.


The Company will apply an innovative approach to its products and processes in an effort to gain and maintain a competitive advantage over other companies. This will involve: inventing new and better ways of providing value and service to employees and customers; reinventing ourselves and how we do things to give a fresh and competitive edge to our daily operations; stimulating and liberating a culture of innovation within the organization that will enable us to face the challenges of a rapidly changing and developing marketplace.

Company VISION

To provide a one-stop solution to all value customers.


To provide superior services with reasonable and affordable prices.

Company VALUES

Strive towards excellent customer services through customers’ feedback and new technological methodology on greases and oil removal techniques that is Safe for our staff and Green for our environment.