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Oil Separator /  Oil Interceptor

HGT  Series ( Light Industrial | Car Wash )


Product Name Application Capacity View Ask Me
HGT-100-OS Car Workshop | Car Wash 320 Litres
HGT-200-OS Car Workshop | Car Wash  440 Litres
HGT-300-OS Car Workshop | Car Wash 560 Litres

SIEMEX Oil Separator / Oil Interceptor

Product Name Application Capacity View Ask me
SMX 200 Workshop 50 Liter/Min | Standard B
SMX 300 Petrol Station 1.5 Liter/Sec | Standard B
SMX 300 Workshop 100 Liter/Min | Standard B
SMX-500 Oily Water Separation 500 Liter/Min
SMX-P4500 Petrol Station 4.5 Liter/Min | Standard B
SMX-P4500 Workshop 4.5 Liter/Min | Standard B
SMX Class 1, 5ppm Petrol Station 50-750 Liter/Min
Large SMX Series Petrol Station & Depot 250 Liter/Min and above

Grease Interceptor / Grease Trap (Commercial Use)

Product Name Application Capacity View Ask Me
HGT-12S Single Bowl Basin 12GPM | 40 Liters
HGT-15S Dishes Washing Basin 15GPM | 60 Liters
HGT-20S Dishes Washing Basin 20GPM | 80 Liters
HGT-30S Centralized Kitchen Drainage 30GPM | 130 Liters
HGT-50S Centralized Kitchen Drainage 50GPM |230 Liters
HGT-75S Centralized Kitchen Drainage 75GPM |370 Liters
HGT-100S Centralized Drainage 100GPM | 710 Liters
HGT-150S Centralized Drainage 150GPM | 1050 Liters
HGT-200S Centralized Drainage 200GPM | 756 Liters/Min
HGT-300S Centralized Drainage 300GPM | 1134 Liters/Min
HGT-400S Centralized Drainage 400GPM | 1512 Liters/Min
HGT-500S Centralized Drainage 500GPM | 1890 Liters/Min

FLOWTEC Industrial Grease Interceptor

Product Name Application Capacity Grease Retension Capacity View Ask Me
FLOWTEC 200 Central Kitchen|
Industrial Effluent
1730L 945KG
FLOWTEC 300 Central Kitchen|
Industrial Effluent
2200L 1320KG
Central Kitchen|
Industrial Effluent
2060L 760KG
Settlement Retension Capacity : 330KG

Green Chemical

Product Name Application Capacity View Safety Data Sheet Ask Me
REDUCTION Enzyme Grease Trap / Pipeline 5L
OXYLATE Multi-Surface
Glass Window,Stainless Steel Surface And Tile Floors 5L
FLY-OFF Fly Repellent Spray Outdoor And Indoor 5L
PEEL-OFF Heavy-Duty Cleaner Heavy-Duty Cleaning for Any Surface 18L