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Design and Build Oil Separator & Grease Trap

Grease Trap

We aim at manufacturing our products to not only have a good appearance, but also that the customers  perceive something with the values of PRICE.

The future of its manufacturing that HHC Engineering envisions is to play an indispensable role in a global supply chain. Therefore, we will continue to provide the market with the reliable QUALITY and compliance with STANDARD requirements by authorities.

We offer a “one-stop” supply and just-in-time production for all construction of Grease Trap, including cut and deformed bars  and welding activities from raw materials to end finish products.

We also have our in-house transportation team for day-to-day delivery.

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Oil Separator

What has caused concern among environmental and health agencies is the way the oil is destined after the use. Improper disposal can cause damages to both the company that performed the procedure as for the environment. Today, there are several regulations that demand the effluents treatment before its destination, that determine standards for the discharge of several kinds of effluents, among them the oily.

The regulation highlights the polluter potential of the oily effluent, which in addition, also make difficult the treatment of other kinds of wastewater by the public treatment network, when these are mixed with oily residues.

The solution to this question is the punctual treatment of the effluent, realized directly at the place where it is generated. To meet this purpose, HHC Industries Sdn. Bhd. developed several models of Oil and Water Separator Systems, with multiple treatment capacities, which allows meet efficiently segments that work with this kind of residues.

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