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FLY-OFF® Food Safe Fly Repellent


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Effective Fly Repellent Spray For Outdoor And Indoor Applications.

A reputable hospitality service establishment ensures the highest standards of comfort, food safety and hygiene for all its guests Appearance of common houseflies are unwelcome pest that not only an annoyance, they also spread potentially harmful diseases to humans.

FLY-OFF Biodegradable Food Safe fly Repellent is the right solution for any hospitality establishment to protect their guests and reputation against perseverance of houseflies Made to be truly safe to use and non toxic, FLY-OFF provides a FLY FREE environment for extended period of time on surface areas where it is applied

  • Easy mist spray-on application on any surface and even on plants.
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  • Safe to use in vicinity of food, humans, animals and plants.
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  • Provides a soothing pleasant scent that enhances dining experience.
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PH: 6                              HS Code : 3402900090                    TUV-SUD : Certified Biodegradable

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