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REDUCTION® Grease Trap Enzyme


Fast Dramatic Effect

REDUCTION has enzymes to kick start superior digestion of fats/oils/greases,allowing immediate visible reductions and cake prevention in grease.This improves drain flows and reduces maintenance or frequent grease trap pump outs.

Effective Odour Reduction

Odours will be reduced, as the product inhibits production of hydrogen sulphide andfrom effective breakdown of volatile fatty acids that may be produced in septic or anaerobic environments.

Complete Digestion of Solids

REDUCTION contains high levels of amylase, cellulose, lipase and protease enzymes which will assistthe bacteria to breakdown all organic components of waste within the drain environment.

REDUCTION will reduce the BOD’s by as much as 80% and making it sewerage friendly.

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Fast Digestive Action For Immediate Grease & Oil Breakdown and Odour Control

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